Pansy Budgets, Sweat Nirvana, and NON necessities


Additional thoughts about what exercise is actually good for:

Working out is not only so we can eat stuff that tastes good. It can also be used to replace expensive things like Cognitive Therapy, and Wellbutrin.

Something magical happens when sweat starts pouring. It’s like a sort of nirvana.  Smells like saving money!

I can not count the number of issues that I have solved over the phone with my bff while on the spin bike.  Sure, she has to do most of the talking at times, but she just saved me 150$ an hour on Therapy. We have a LOT of things to take care of in Bike Therapy. We have teenagers in our HOMES. She’s also saved me money that would have otherwise been compensating launderers and cleaners because you can breeze through chores when immersed in dissecting Maroon 5 lyrics.  Levine is DEEP, man.

And I specifically remember the exact day I told my husband that we needed to choose between a Y membership and a Wellbutrin Prescription .  Not in the budget?  Budget is a pansy word.  I HATE the word budget. The notion of a budget is right up there with “sorting toys” and “daily showers.” So unnecessary.  I understand budgeting is useful and ultimately keeps us out of jail. But don’t try to put me in a box! Or spending categories!

Ok we can just take from the grocery budget. We need SANITY more than food right now.  And my kids will kiss me on my FACE if I give them 3$ Velveeta shells and cheese tonight instead of the stuffed peppers I was planning.  Considering the cost of organic peppers and ingredients therein, I’m looking at a 78$ savings, EASY. Win Win.

End game : money is going to be spent. It is either the Y membership, where I sweat out resentment while getting validated via cell phone… or a Wellbutrin prescription. Take your pick!!! $300 a month for the Wellbutrin, (because I don’t care what you say, the generic is NOT the same), or $45 a month for the Y.

Thought so. Flippin’ Budget.  Show you a budget.

Who am I kidding.

There have definitely been some very puke-inducing, closet floor-laying, “what the f@#$*?!!!” – screaming intervals of time when I was both going to the Y and taking Wellbutrin.

I like to call that juncture : “Endorphins & Bliss in the midst of a total sh%&*tstorm.”

Don’t get me wrong, as much as I LOVE Lemongrass essential oils and Chamomile tea, there are times when diffusing lemongrass is just NOT cutting it.  So sorry,  but there is not enough lavender in the WORLD to rub on my temples right now.  And BUMP Chamomile Tea.  Bring me some whiskey.  But see then -alcohol is calories, and so I’m gonna need that gym to spin it off.  See what happened there? Full circle- Bring me to the Y.  Save your money.

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