Let Her Lead. A Parable on Women in Leadership.

One afternoon on family vacation we decided to venture out on a family bike ride. Our youngest is a natural born leader, and has strong administrative capabilities that are pretty readily observed. Another way of putting this : she can be dad-gum BOSSY!!!

The bike ride was being sidelined by some stubborn behavior and in stalling to figure out just how we were going to handle this, (outside of “accidentally” side swiping her with one of our bikes into the trees), I had a thought. The thought said “Let her lead.” That’s all. One simple phrase- seemingly whispered into my brain. It was contrary to what I was thinking. We were all actually thinking the opposite- “Leave her behind and let her little self be sorry when she has to catch up.” But Letting Her Lead struck me as SO opposite of the kinds of tactics we usually take, that I thought it just might be a higher way. So I called her up front.

Here’s what I watched unfold:

Being the leader is a responsibility. You’re suddenly so focused on leading everyone straight that you don’t think about yourself and your cares and misfortune and lack of desire any more. True leadership really forces your thoughts on others. And she got it.
She really wanted to lead well, and it took her mind off of wanting her own way.

Here’s what else happened. A beautiful parallel. Her DAD was right behind her, and his VOICE was guiding her. If she started to turn left into a dead end, he’d say “ You don’t want to go that way- No Oulet.” Sometimes she went anyways. But that only happened twice before she listened to him exclusively and trusted he knew where to lead her. He had been there before. He rode the entire island the morning prior and had already mapped it out for his previous ride. Sometimes he’d ride up beside her and give her moment by moment guidance on what to expect ahead. And sometimes he’d drop back and let her go. But he was ALWAYS there. The WHOLE time he was available if she called back to say “Dad- right or left?”

“ Isaiah 30:21… “Whether you turn to the right or to the left, you will hear a voice behind you saying This is the Way, walk in it.”

This entire family outing was a parable for me. She was frustrated, and she needed a BIG job. Something she could only depend on her dad for. The way out of her funk was actually NOT getting left behind so she’d learn a punitive lesson on what happens to “bad little girls.”

What she needed was a POSITION so that she could get up there and realize her need for her dad and his expertise that was farther along – “ Higher than her thoughts, higher than her ways…” Isaiah 55:8-9

She needed purpose. She needed a job. She didn’t need to be “ put in her place”. Or reminded that she was the youngest and needed to “fall in line.” She needed a glimpse of her future place in the front where she will be thriving in the lead – learning to depend on and trust in her Father. The days of putting women in their place is over. The time of women taking their place has come. And if they will listen to their Heavenly Father, they can not lose. He will endorse women. Women are the crown of His creation.

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1 thought on “Let Her Lead. A Parable on Women in Leadership.

  1. That was absolutely beautiful. Girl, you have a gift and Thank you for listening and sharing what the Holy Spirit laid on your heart! Not only are you teaching your daughter but reminding all of us how important it is to listen and obey him. Much love from Florida, Nicki


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