McCain Franklin

Who wouldn’t give to see those names together on a ballot ????!!!!!  These two are probably in Heaven right now holding committee meetings with a side of  “belt-your-heart-out .”

Is the fact that these two lives are  honored in the same Federal Holiday weekend a coincidence? Both had meteor sized impacts on our country- indeed our entire world.   Both lived lives that MADE A WAY for others.

One man who chose to risk a chance at the presidency on running with a woman, and one woman asking for a little RESPECT.

John McCain is to be honored for many reasons, but not least among them was his willingness to stand beside a woman and take the risk of endorsing her as his VP. Remember that?

I’m for any man that recognizes the potential in a woman and uses his place to promote her. Is there a higher measure of masculine security than that?  That says a lot to me, about him and his own self-assurance.

It may have very well cost him that election to risk running with Sarah Palin.  But he took the risk. I think that’s pretty manly! And it did not end his career.  Senator McCain had incredible influence over Budget, Taxes, Social Security and Medicare -not to mention EQUAL PAY(!!!). He sponsored Native American affairs, and his input on foreign affairs – from relations with Iran and Israel to Libya, and Kosovo was INVALUABLE as a former POW.  Imagine that ! Being captured actually gave him much needed wisdom that our defense department needed to make decisions.

The Queen of Soul was the FIRST WOMAN EVER to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. She’s no stranger to being honored by our government! She holds the National Medal of Arts and Presidential Medal of Freedom!!! Aretha’s voice was used to express the heart of women, minorities, lovers, and fighters.

No one will ever be able to match her talent, her tenacity, or her domination over an industry that couldn’t stand in her way.  She pushed down boundaries and plowed through conventions with a SOUND, and a smile on her face the whole time. That is a brilliant strategy.  Sing your fight. Sing your agenda. Sing your purpose.  Sing your desire, sing your command, sing your directive.  And entertain them the whole time. Use your SOUL to outpour a message into the world.

Two sides to come at things-  diplomacy and the power of a sound.  What an incredible TEAM. Heaven is lucky to have them.



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