Speak UP

This is Reverend Dana Colley Corsello…she is a priest…Canon Vicar at the National Cathedral in Washington D.C. and a woman with some things to say!  

I met Dana on Father’s day weekend, 2018.  It was June 17.  My family and I had spent the week in Washington D.C. captivated by the history and heritage of our country. We decided to take advantage of being in D.C. for a commitment and made a family trip out of it. I am a member of The Singers of Renaissance, of Charlotte, NC.  We were invited to lead the Worship at the National Cathedral On Sunday June 17 for morning services and additional Evensong services that weekend. As if that wasn’t honor and privilege enough, ( it was truly sensational), on Sunday morning Dana stepped up to the podium to give the morning message.  

Here’s what Dana did.  She took the platform entrusted to her and from the Lectern at The National Cathedral, she spoke of the Kingdom of God, and how humans can use love, acceptance, and compassion to bring the Kingdom of God to the earth. She used an illustration of the beautiful friendship between a white supremacist and a Muslim immigrant as a picture of the Kingdom of God coming to earth.  (You can see her entire talk – and our music!- at the National Cathedral’s Website – it is posted at the bottom if this post).   

And then, she took another opportunity. At this time, the atrocity of families being ripped apart at our nations border was wholly underway, and everyone had something to say about it, including Dana.

Here are my very favorite quotes from her message that day:

“In Gods kingdom here on earth, Separating refugee children from their families at our borders is an ABOMINATION in God’s eyes.”

“We do not condone the traumatizing and weaponizing of children as part of our immigration policy.”  

She used her place, her time, her platform – to speak her message and it was true and meaningful and inspiring and HEARD!  I am so proud to know her and to have had the opportunity to be involved in this very timely intersection of a woman with a voice and a nation with a problem. From where she stood, decisions on immigration legislation were being made only blocks away.

           According to some schools of thought, women should not be leaders or speakers in a church setting. But when this woman courageously took the podium that was given to her for such a time as this, she TOOK it.  MAN, did she take it!  

        I can’t imagine a truer or more impactful Father’s Day message than to express the heart of the Father in Heaven.  That his children- ALL of them – be treated with Dignity, and Empathy-with tender heartedness and understanding- with concern and provision.  These are the attributes we need in a Father.  These are the traits that will draw humans to the heart of the Spirit that reaches out to every living thing.  To comfort and guide, to heal and restore, and to provide a HOME. 

         Girls. What do you have to say?  It’s time. You were born for this time, in this place to use your voice.

Be inspired by others who are courageously trumpeting their cause, and do not for one second listen to the liar that whispers…”who do you think you are?”  You ARE. You exist. And that’s all that matters.  You may not be asked to speak at the National Cathedral any time soon, but you do have a place to use your voice.  Take it.  And who knows?  You may have been born for such a time as this.


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