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My friend Ulunda is starting a new initiative with her family and asked me today about some ideas for snacks and other healthy eating tips for her kids this summer, so I snapped some pictures mid-prep and sent her ideas.  She told me I should make one of my blog posts about this… so here are some things I do with my kids to encourage healthy eating choices.  This is hard to do sometimes in the summer, when they’re in the kitchen scavenging for food NONSTOP. 

Most important- GET THEM INVOLVED :  I have a saying at my house “I ain’t raisin’ no free-loaders!” Grammatical errors aside- I intend to communicate that everyone is pitching in here.  One day they’ll need to understand that to eat, they need to prepare food-why not now?

IMG_6496IMG_6504We make homemade tortilla chips and bake them in the oven- no oil- no fryer.  Spray them with water and shake a little salt over them.  The water helps the salt to “stick.” We dip them in salsa which is- basically cut up vegetables!!! Win win.

IMG_6284IMG_6280A Staple of our summer is a chopped salad- I sprinkle Hemp seeds and nuts in for extra “crunch”- notice the ingredients in the almond topping – ALMONDS.  Thank you!!!IMG_6279IMG_6277IMG_6278IMG_6275We make our own dressing with oil, balsamic vinegar, and salt- sometimes I add lemon juice and other spices, and minced garlic.                         IMG_6276

IMG_6286IMG_6283Raw Cucumbers are more than edible when sprinkled with a little salt, balsamic vinegar, and sprouted seeds.  I love using pumpkin and sunflower seeds.

IMG_6293IMG_6294Easiest quiche EVER.  Put eggs, almond or coconut milk, cheese, and veggies in a jar and let the kids shake what their momma gave ’em! Pour into a pie shell and bake OR pour into a skillet and scramble !

I like to use the powdered peanut butter.  It’s easy to make- just mix with water- and spread it on a rice cake, apple, banana, Ezekiel bread. Save on a lot of excess fat and calories, as well as preservatives.  I also blend it with sugar free Almond milk in the blender for a PB shake!

IMG_6269 IMG_6270.jpg

We all crave the fizz of a soda but know that water is ALWAYS better!  There are loads of sparkling water options  in many many brands and they are available at any grocery store.  But listen, when I go to the movies- I’m buying a Coke to have with my large popcorn. That’s just happening.  Incredibles 2 deserves my Coke and popcorn with peanut M&M’s.


These are all pictures we made for my friend while moving around our kitchen- because she asked for suggestions.  I am not an expert or dietician. This is a small glimpse into what we do day to day.  I’m trying to fuel my kids bodies to run well,  run strong, and run for a long long time.

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