‘Merica! My Country Tis of Thee

With all of the recent talk about immigration and contradicting views on the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, I can not keep thinking HOW LUCKY ARE WE – those of us that were born here!!!!  We recently took a trip to D.C. to show the kids the monuments, memorials, and give them a fresh infusion of patriotism. It was more meaningful than I ever could have hoped.

There was a stark contrast between the perceived giants of our land,fullsizeoutput_426c.jpeg

and the REAL giants…who MADE this land


I took the first picture of a motorcade parked outside of the hotel we stayed in, and told my friend “It’s like House of Cards out there!”  Elevators were cordoned off so that they could be secured while others were set aside for us to use.  I have to admit- I was a little starstruck! Who is HERE!!!??? What’s happening??  I’m sure people felt that way around Lincoln and Jefferson too, but when we visited these monuments it became clear.  They are the real Giants. They had a vision for all of mankind.   It was for FREEDOM.  It was for Advancement.  It was for people to be able to use their own minds to think and decide – and their own hearts to feel and understand what they wanted to value.  To quote Dr. Charles Fay, “A solidly free nation is one built upon the awareness that choices matter.” There are quotes etched into the walls of the Jefferson memorial that depict just such knowledge and insight  :



We worshipped a the National Cathedral, and then went out to eat Lebanese food with our friends from Jordan who were breaking their Ramadan fast.  We love them. They are free to worship how and who they want to, and so are we. And because we live HERE – we are free to love each other openly, and enjoy one another and celebrate our relationship.


I love this country.  I love Freedom. Sweet Land of Liberty…land where our Fathers died…


The most unexpected honor and privilege was a visit to the Marine Barracks.  My cousin’s  family is stationed there now, and it was such highlight to be with them, and to be in the presence of more TRUE giants.  The ones who daily pledge their very lives to sacrifice all they have for others to be safe, and to continue to be free.  We honor you, freedom fighters.


And no trip to D.C. is complete without a trip to the ZOO or the Museum of Natural History !!! There are so many amazing FREE things to do in our Capital, and so much devoted to education! We are going to need another visit!


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